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How does Billiebin work?

Billiebin turns your food scraps into something valuable. In this worm hotel, handy compost animals turn your green waste into nutritious compost and worm tea for your plants.

The floors of your Billiebin

Billiebin is a multi-storey worm compost bin. We list them for you:

  • Top floor : This is where you put your green waste. Is the waste too watery? Then balance it with some wood chips, which absorb moisture.
  • Middle floor : Here you will find your new pets: the worms and other compost creatures. They eat their way up through your green waste. The worms can eat their own body weight in green waste every day! Is the bin full? Then move it downstairs so that the contents can continue to compost.
  • Lower floors : After the hard work of your worms, the perfect plant food is created here. When the compost is ready, move this empty bin back upstairs and fill it with new green waste.

Ground floor : A container for the moisture, the 'worm tea'. You tap it off with a tap, dilute it with rainwater and make your plants happy with it!

Are you participating? It's very easy!

How do you ensure that your Billibin is at its best? Here are some golden tips:

1. Divide fairly : Spread your waste evenly over the top layer. Do not add more than 1 inch of waste per day.

2. Less is more : Make sure that the layer of undigested green waste is no more than 5 cm. Then the food starts to rot and the worms don't like that.

3. Foodies : Try to avoid bread, pasta and acidic foods (such as lemon peels). If necessary, use newspaper clippings, cardboard scraps, dry leaves or some lime to keep the acid level in balance.

4. Don't rush: Your BillieBin may not be able to handle all your waste at first. Give your new pets some time and continue to use the green bin and garbage bag if necessary.

If everything is fine, your Billiebin will not smell and there will be many (young) worms in the top layer. You should see little undigested food 30 centimeters below the top layer. If you are left with good quality worm castings and the collected liquid looks like strong tea, your Billiebin is a resounding success!

What do you need to get started?

With a Billiebin Worm starter kit and some vegetable and fruit scraps you are already there. Really, it is child's play. Do you still have questions or uncertainty? We are happy to guide you through this with the necessary information and guidance!

Join our worm movement and experience the wonder of composting in your own garden. Moreover, you will soon be able to tell people at parties that you are a hotel owner. So what are you waiting for?